Czech and Slovak Bibles and New Testaments

I have heard that the best version of the Bible and New Testament in Slovak is the Roháček version.

Amazon - Slovak New Testament / Pismo Nova zmulva / and Hungarian New Testament in Mirror Translation

This is a Slovak-Hungarian New Testament Bible.

Bible In My Language

BIML is selling many printed Slovak Bibles on their website.

Bible Society - Slovakian Bible

This Slovakian Bible uses the traditional Lutheran translation.

Canadian Bible Society

The CBS has three Slovak Bibles available for sale on their website.

Ethnic Harvest

Ethnic Harvest has a page of links where you can read the Slovak Bible.

Multi-Language Media

The Slovak Bible is available on the website of Multi-Language Media.

Slovak Bible Society

You can purchase the Slovak Bible at Slovak Bible Society.

World Bibles

The World Bibles site helps you to find Bibles in over 4,000 languages including Slovak.

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