Bible Correspondence Courses in Slovak

Child Evangelism Fellowship
Detska Misia
These correspondence courses are good for children and high shcool students.

Emmaus Correspondence School
The Emmaus Correspondence Courses are in Slovak.
The name of the ministry in Slovakia is Emmaus Centrum.

Emmaus Centrum
Biblicke Korespondencne Kurzy
P.O. Box 25A
949 01 Nitra

Every Home for Christ -Slovakia
Every Home for Christ has correspondence courses in Slovak. They are usually used only by the missionaries in their organization.

Jezis pre kazdeho (JPK)
Every Home for Christ Slovakia is called
Jezis pre kazdeho (JPK) or Jesus for everyone.
P.O. Box 49
934 05
This ministry attempts to pass out tracts or booklets door to door in many countries around the world. They also provide free correspondence courses.

Source of Light Ministries International Inc.
Source of Light has two courses in Slovak, they are called Explorers 1 (8 lessons) and Explorers 2 (7 lessons). It might not be on their website but they might have them in the office or somewhere in Slovakia. They might copy them by special request.

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